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Teton Valley Update 6-23-09

I need some more info from the readers out there.  If you’ve ridden in Teton Valley recently post a comment below this post for me.

Here’s what I do know:

Aspen Trail - Good to go but probably still greasy in spots after this past rain cycle.

Horseshoe Canyon - The back side trails are now rideable so you can have a full day out there now.

Spooky / Red Creek – I’ll bet Red Creek is still snow out but would like to know for sure.  Chris E went through with the chain saw a few weeks ago and said he only scratched the surface.  Spooky is riding though.

Pole Canyon / Mike Harris / Mail Cabin – Looking for an update

Victor Town Singletrack - Now open but rough.  Come help dig on Tuesday nights in Pioneer Park!

Teton Pass Update 6-23-09

I rode Jimmy’s Mom and Parallel this weekend and had a blast.  Yes, still pretty muddy this weekend on Jimmy’s Mom, but I’ll bet after tomorrow it will be great again.  Parallel was awesome and riding really well with moisture on it.  I’ll bet it’s approaching dusty today.

I got some other reports while I was up there:

Arrow Trail – Good up to the SnowTel turnout and then too muddy/snowy to continue.

Phillips – Again, too muddy/snowy to get through to the to of it, but you can ride to the top from the bottom.  Galen and EJ (FoP ad USFS) cleared all the downfall last week – Thanks Guys!

Blacks – Read Phillips – same story.  Thanks again Galen and EJ for clearing it up.  If you don’t mind pushing snow at the top you could probably pull off a Black’s

Lithium - Again, push the snow and you will be rewarded.  I here it’s riding great with the exception of the gully below the Galende Jump – still full of snow.

Mosquito Creek - Dry, rideable and in great shape from what I hear.

Town Trails Update 6-23-09

We are quickly drying out from our Juneuary weather and the trails are getting sweet!  If you’ve ridden one of these trails recently or any other Town Trails please post a comment below this post.

Putt-Putt – Good to go, watch for wet spots and try to avoid by gently walking around them

Hagen – Same as Putt-Putt, watch for the mud and try not to blast through it.

Cache to Game – Rideable and in good shape for Wednesday night’s Cache-Game Race

Ferrins – Was riding great before all the rain and I have to assume it’s good to go once again.  Any reports?  Post in the Comment field.

Sink or Swim – Riding Well

Josies and Scotty’s – Riding well

Cahce Sidewalk – Buff and as good as it gets!

Off the Back of the King – No reports in yet, would love to hear one.

Putt Putt Update

My friend Sarah rode Putt Putt yesterday in between the rain clouds after a few hours of direct sun hit it.  She said it lower Putt and Mid Putt was rideable with only a few wet spots.  Be smart though and don’t push it too far if you’re getting deep into the muddy spots.  Use Putt Putt as a “test piece” to see how dry the dirt is day to day.  Stay off Hagen / Ferrins until we have at least a full day or two of sun.

Cache – Game Report

Cache to Game is currently dry up and over the divide.  It sounds like West Game Creek is nearly dry but could wet in spots. Please don’t ride the muddy sections and give the trails time to dry out if they are too wet to ride. We would ask that you post on each comment if you have more current trail info for us.

Horseshoe Canyon

One of the best new trail areas around is also the early season mecca! Horseshoe Canyon outside Driggs has awesome Pirate mountain bike trails that have now been officially adopted but the Forest Service. Turn right in Driggs at the stop light and continue on Cedron Rd until it turns to the South at an intersection. Follow the road straight ahead to the West at this intersection and keep going along this road until you wind up in Horseshoe Canyon – pretty obvious. The early season riding is to your right as you enter the Canyon (North). RIght now all the “front side” trails are dry and good to go: Bovine, Channel Lock, South Bound. Come into the shop and grab a Teton Valley Trails and Pathways (TVTAP) map to get all the detail you need for this area.

South Fork Trail / Pine Creek Bench

A little further than Teton Valley lies the South Fork Trail which is often called Pine Creek Bench. It’s one of the earliest trails in the area to dry out and is a blast to ride. Head over Pine Creek Pass and turn right at the Pine Creek Bench Ranch and follow the road as it cuts a hard right. Drive to the end and park where the road turns right on a more rutted road – better to not drive on this part. Start your ride by descending through the gate down a double track road to the Creek. Don’t forget to close the next gate you pass through. Continue on Double track towards the river and look for singletrack starting on your right after about a 1/2 mile. If you hit the river you’ve gone too far. After Suffering through the first steep climb ride the trail until it’s time to head back for happy hour!

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