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Aspen Trail Report

I haven’t been on it this year myself, but I keep getting reports that the Aspen Trail in Teton Valley is riding really good. Head North on Highway 33, turn right on 200 South, go to the end and then turn right. Continue into Darby Canyon and look for the Aspen trail head on your left. It makes for a great out and back ride and is just as fun both ways!

Teton Pass Trails

Great reports coming in from Teton Pass that the Parallel trail is riding great. I’m sure that after this weekend’s Teton Freedom Rider dig day it’s even better!

How’s Cache Creek Riding?

Reports are coming in faster than a broken chain drives a knee into a steerer tube that mountain biking in Cache Creek is great. Putt-Putt is dry except for the very upper section (but that might be good by now too – use good trail discretion). Hagen is mostly dry with some wet patches, again be smart and don’t be the person coming back with a super muddy bike. Ferrin’s is dry most of the way up with snow towards the top. Game Creek is dry, but the Cache / Game divide is still not passable so don’t expect a loop ride yet. Cache Sidewalk is probably as good as it gets! Sink or Swim is buff and rideable, but a little snow walking across the King. Ok, what are you till doing on your computer? Go out and ride.

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