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Team Spotlight: Dave Saurman

This week we chat with Dave “Sourdude” Saurman.    Dave, a long time Fitzy team rider, chats with us about his Pierre’s Hole race, lucky socks and a bracelet that keeps him from whining.


Dave at the Galena Grinder

Dave at the Galena Grinder

SKH:   How long have you been riding with the Fitzgerald’s Bicycles Team?

DS:  I have ridden on the Fitzy team at least 5 years now if not 6?

SKH:  Why did you join the team?

DS:  I was invited to join the team and felt honored to be part of the best team in town.  I have been loyal to “my shop” since I started going there in the old shop in the back of the Brew Pub and never gave any thought to any other team.   I was psyched to ride for Fitzy’s.  I love being on the team because we have a great group.  My teammates are awesome and get me excited to ride and race.  And we have great parties with good beer.


1st Annual Targhee Super D Race Report

People ask me all the time (literally, all the time), “so are you doing much racing this Summer?”  To which I usually answer, “No, I don’t really race… just ride for fun.”  Of course this statement is mostly true.  But those of you who know me well would say this statement is BS when it comes to cross and the occasional downhill race.  But compared to most “racers”, I really don’t race.

So if that’s the case, why was I so worked up over the 1st Annual Targhee Super D race during the Wydaho Rendezvous Mountain Bike Festival?  Maybe it was the fact that I fancy myself a bit of an all arounder on the bike with a leg up on the downhills.  Maybe it’s because I have a downhill race background so this form of DH lite is appealing.  Maybe it’s because my Pivot Mach 429 is the best bike I’ve ever owned and is perfectly suited for this race.  Or maybe it’s because I bet fellow shop owner Aaron Grutzmacher of the Hub Bicycles that I would be his shop mechanic for a day if I lost to him!


Old Pass Road Update

Jim Verdone, Team Jackson Hole member and driver of the Old Pass Road Project, just sent us this update:

Old Pass Road

It has been two weeks since the asphalt work was completed on the Old Pass Road (OPR), and I am just now finding time to put this update together. I hope that you have had a chance to get up on the OPR and check out the work that was done. The crew from Evans Construction, Mike Piker and myself put in two and a half long days to get the work completed. A lot was accomplished through your support and the generosity of all of our donors. We have now reached our fundraising goal thanks to all the donations received small and large. Here is a short summary of what was accomplished;

Team Spotlight: Wes Hamilton

Fitzgerald’s Bicycles Team Member Wes Hamilton just completed the first half of his season racing lots of crits.  While he took a breather before launching into the rest of his race season, Wes took a few minutes to talk about  hot laps on Victor’s cross course, how he got hooked on the Scott Addict CX and why the joker keeps him going:

Wes Hamilton

SKH:  When did you join the team?

WH:  This is my first year with the team.  I rode a bit with the team last year during the cross season, but this is my first official year.

SKH:  Why did you join Fitzgerald’s Team?

WH:  I got to know the team mainly from their support at the cross races.  It didn’t seem to really matter if you were tearing it up, or brand new to the sport, they gave mad props to everyone.  I made a decision then and there that if the opportunity came up, that was the only team I wanted to ride with.  Everyone, regardless of their level, is supported by this team and that is the vibe that keeps us all going. (more…)

Fitzy’s Targhee Super D Pre-Race Scouting Report

New to the Wydaho Rendezvous Mountain Bike Festival this year is the Targhee Super D Race scheduled for Sunday, July 29th. With 12.5 miles and 4700 vertical feet, the Super D Race is certain to be a favorite event for Wydaho for years to come.  Fitzy took to the course one Saturday this summer to scout out all the lines, get the down low on bike and tire selection and have a bit of fun.    Andy at Grand Targhee and Dana Ramos posted up a Google Map with the entire course.

Scott swears he shared all of his impressions and given his best advice, but I guess we will all just have to race the Super D to find out ourselves if he held anything back for himself.  Here’s his pre-race ride report: (more…)

Cache-Game Race

Cache-Game Mountain Bike Race

Cache-Game Mountain Bike Race

Start your engines & get ready to pin it!

The annual Cache Game Mountain Bike Race is this Wednesday, June 27th.

Sponsored by Teton County Parks & Recreation, the Cache-Game Mountain Bike Race serves as a benchmark for local riders looking to sort out their status among Jackson’s elite mountain bikers.


FOP Pathways Report, August 30th, 2011

All pathways are open for use and we ask you to please remember your ‘Respect & Responsibility’ code, and consider the safety and enjoyment of all users.  Pathways are mult-directional, multi-use, and walkers, runners, cyclists, rollers, and skaters all have the same rights and responsibilities while using these amenities.  Please announce yourself from behind when overtaking other users, yield to the younger and more inexperienced, stay to the right, and always remember to pick up after your dogs!  Additionally, please remember that on Town pathways, dogs are required to be on a leash – not just under voice control.’

The third round of mowing is set to commence soon.

Please let us know if there are any concerns or questions about maintenance and safety conditions on pathways and trails at, or call 733-4534.

County Continues Work on South Park Loop Bridges, Road Closure near Melody Ranch
On August 15th, Teton County began construction work to replace the existing South Park Loop Road Bridge over Flat Creek near Melody Ranch. This project will require closure of the South Park Loop Road in the vicinity of Melody Ranch for the entire 4-month construction period. Concurrent with the road bridge project, the County will also begin construction of a new pathway bridge over Flat Creek adjacent to South Park Loop Road. The bridges will be operational and South Park Loop Road will re-open by mid-December. To read the complete press release, click here.

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