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VIP ATM’s in GTNP for Pathway Users!

Before the casinos can be developed in Grand Teton National Park they have to implement a series of ATM machines.  If you’re a bicyclist/pathway user you get to use the VIP ATM that they are putting right on the pathway!  Apparently these machines are also used to collect park usage fees, which are worth every penny you put into the cause.  Ok forget about the casino thing, I just found out that’s not scheduled until 2056… ATM machines at Grand Teton Nation Park will be guiding us through the pathway entrance at GTNP.   A friendly reminder from the folks at GTNP:

A new self-serve machine (similar to an ATM) is now in place near the Moose
Entrance Station kiosks for the collection of entry fees from people using
the pathway–regardless of the mode of travel.  Visitors and locals who
travel the pathway by hiking, bicycling or roller-blading will be required
to pay an entrance fee, just as vehicles are required to do.  Pathway users
are advised to carry their park permit, or stop and pay the 7-day entrance
permit of $12 for pedestrian and/or bicycle access.

If  bicyclists opt to travel on the Teton Park Road with vehicles, they
will also be required to stop at the Moose Entrance Station and show their
permit before proceeding into the park.

Periodically, Grand Teton staff will perform audits on the pathway to check
for fee compliance.  Unlike vehicles, there are no stickers for bikes, so
the audit will serve as verification that pathway visitors have the
requisite entrance permit.

Anyone using the park pathway from Moose to South Jenny Lake must bring
their park pass with them, or stop at the automated fee machine and pay
with cash or credit card.

Entrance fees on the pathway are $12 for 7 days for an individual on foot,
bicycle, rollerblades, or other non-motorized equipment.  A family
(immediate household of mother/father/children under 21) can pay $25 for 7
days.  The annual park pass for Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks
is $50, and annual passes for all federal land agencies cost $80.

We welcome pathway enthusiasts and look forward to a safe and enjoyable
2011 season.


Robert A. Vogel
Deputy  Superintendent
Grand Teton National Park and
John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway

Friends of Pathways Trails Report

June 20th Report

Below you will find today’s trails and pathways report for Jackson Hole. Friends of Pathways and the Forest Service have trail crews out on the systems daily, working hard on trail maintenance and construction. Friends of Pathways also works with Jackson Hole Community Pathways and Teton County Parks and Recreation to ensure pathways are swept and safe.

Trail Report, June 20, 2011
Greater Snow King Area/Munger Mountain Area/Teton Pass Area
Last week Friends of Pathways’ crews dug drainage on Hagen, Crater, and Lower History trails – all of which are free of snow and passable with a few muddy seeps to walk around. They also improved the bottom section of the Ridge Trail, which is clear of snow up to the berm section (with a few seeps to walk around). The Forest Service crew finished the Rock Creek bridge at Munger, connecting the motorized trailhead to all of the trails there, which are open and clear of snow.

Friday’s volunteer day had a good turnout with volunteers working on the new “Wiggle” section which will connect the Cache Creek Sidewalk up to Putt Putt. Teton Science Schools “Roads Scholars” (pictured above) worked with trail crews this morning on that same section.

The Snow King and Cache Creek area trails are riding well. The Ferrins saddle meadow is almost free of snow and Wilson Canyon is snow-free with several seeping muddy sections to avoid. Josie’s Ridge is totally clear of snow except for a 5 foot section of snow near the very top.

The Cache/Game mountain bike race has been postponsed. Please check with Teton County Parks and Rec for more info.
Baby moose are now appearing in the lower Teton Pass Area. Please use caution as Momma Moose may not be in the mood to deal with you or your dog.

Finally, please remember that if mud is piling up on your shoes or tires or horses the trails are too wet to use.  Be Responsible!  Summer is coming (eventually); just be a little patient so the trails will be in good shape for the whole season.

Pathways Report, June 20, 2011
All pathways are open – clear of snow, gravel, and debris!  Users may encounter some areas of gravel in certain locations after rainstorms, but the whole system is swept weekly, and scheduled for the first seasonal mow in the next few weeks.

Minor construction and landscaping near the Hidden Ranch Tunnel on the Garaman Pathway this week and next.

Asphalt patching on the Paul Merritt (S 89) Pathway between High School Road and South Park Loop Road is expected to begin in the next week or so.

Pathways will remain open during construction/maintenance, but users should exercise caution when passing through construction areas. Users should remember to keep their dogs under control – dogs are required on leashes within the Town of Jackson, pick up after their dogs using mutt-mitt bags, and place the used mutt-mitt bags in the trash cans.  Walkers, rollers, and riders should stay to the right, allowing two-way traffic, announce their approaches from behind, and signal all intentions, including changes of direction.

Please let us know if there are any concerns or questions about maintenance and safety conditions on pathways and trails at, or call 733-4534.

Teton Pass & 1% for the Tetons

If you care about the sustainability of our Teton Pass Trails you need to check this out!  Below is a portion of an application that the Friends of Pathways presented – which is a finalist of the 1% for the Tetons Grant.  You can help by donating!

The Sustainable Trails Partnership is a collaborative project that brings public, nonprofit, community, and business resources together to restore and improve five miles of trails in the Bridger- Teton National Forest for hiking, running, mountain biking, and horse riding.

The project focuses on Teton Pass, one of the most heavily used trail systems on the forest, intimately connected to the Jackson community and highly accessible to the visiting public. The work proposed would revitalize unsustainable existing trails while enhancing the new trail networks that have been constructed on Teton Pass over the past five years.

Trails are a fundamental component of Jackson Hole’s community and tourism infrastructure and an important component of the high quality of life enjoyed in northwest Wyoming. At the same time, sustainable well-designed trails are essential to protect National Forest resources and public land values. In Teton County, trails provide the community and its visitors with important recreation and public land access options, and participating in trail activities are near the top of the list for visitors to Jackson Hole each year. With 2.2 million visits annually, the Bridger-Teton is among the top twenty most visited National Forests, comparable with the San Bernadino National Forest in California and the Wenatchee National Forest near Seattle. Locally, trails on Teton Pass are among the most visited and important public land trails in Jackson Hole, and are increasingly a draw to national and international visitors.

The Sustainable Trails Partnership will repair and restore five miles of trails on Teton Pass that are the top priorities identified by the Forest Service, leveraging an additional five miles of trail restoration programed for 2011 as part of the Wyoming Business Council trail grant, and leveraging substantial repairs to the Old Pass Road as part of a Silver Star Cable Project.

The proposed projects to be accomplished with this 1%T Grant:

1. Teton Pass Ridge Trail to Mount Elly: Repair and reroute unsustainable sections, 1-mile of multi-use trail along the summit ridge south of Teton Pass.

2. Crater Trail: Repair and reconstruct trail damaged by run off, 1-mile of multi-use trail below Crater Lake, portions of which follow the Old Wagon Road on Teton Pass.

3. Ski Lake Trail: Repair and improve damaged drainage and improve trail alignment, 2-miles of hiker/horse trail to provide quality opportunities for these user groups.

4. History connection to Phillips: Reestablish the historic horse trail, 1/2 mile along the Old Pass Road, to provide a horse-friendly connection from the History Trail to the Phillips and Ski Lake trails and to the Teton Crest Trail.

5. Candyland Trail: Complete technical trail features to create a fully connected freeride trail system of Jimmy’s Mom, Fuzzy Bunny, Powerline Jumps, and Parallel Trails that will separate users and reduce conflicts between downhill bike users and other users.

Plus these Leveraged interconnected Teton Pass Trail projects:

A. Phillips Canyon Trail: Major repair and restoration of this popular trail as part of a Wyoming Business Council funded project, 5-miles of multi-use trail for all users.

B. Silver Star Cable Project – Old Pass Road Repairs: Cleaning of 3.5 miles of drainage ditch, replacement asphalt on four switchback corners, sweeping the old road, and provision for weed control for next 2-years.

Click here to Donate!

Click here to see the full application.

Friday Mornings on Trails

from the fine folks at the Friends of Pathways:
Join the FOP and USFS Trail Crews as as they work on trails this summer!

Each Friday morning this summer you are invited to join the Friends of Pathways and US Forest Service Trail Crews as they work on various projects throughout the trails system. Projects will vary over the summer and volunteers will generally be finished by noon. Please bring water, snacks, sunscreen, bug spray and gloves, and wear appropriate clothing and shoes.

Fridays, June 17th to July 15th
8am, meet at the Cache Creek Trailhead in East Jackson

Fridays, July 22nd to September 16th
8am, meet at the Stagecoach Bar parking lot in Wilson

Don’t worry about RSVPing unless you are part of a large group (in which case we’d love to know you are joining us so that we can make sure we have enough tools for everyone to use). In 2010 we had over 4000 volunteer hours on trails and we’re looking for more of the same this summer! Thanks to all for your help!

Contact Mike Welch, FOP’s stewardship director for more information: or 733-4534.

Cache to Game Race Postponed

Hang tight for a few weeks until the classic Cache to Game Race is ready to go.  Here’s a message from our friends at the Parks and Rec Departement:

Teton County/Jackson Parks and Recreation Department has postponed the annual
Cache Creek to Game Creek Mountain Bike Race scheduled for Wednesday, June 22,
2011 due to snowpack still covering sections of the trail.
The race will be postponed to a later date this summer. Please watch for information
regarding the rescheduled race date. For more information, contact Teton County/
Jackson Parks and Recreation Department at 739-9025.

Trail Updates by the Friends of Pathways

Trail Report, June 13, 2011
Greater Snow King Area/Munger Mountain Area/Teton Pass Area

Greater Snow King Area
FOP crews dug drainage on Putt-Putt and worked on some new seeping areas.  They worked on re-benching some sections of Josie’s and re-vegging braided sections of the trail.  They also finished the Cache Creek Sidewalk extension begun on National Trails Day, which connects the Sidewalk to bridge 3, allowing people to use the Sidewalk to bypass the Hagen stairs.

Trails on Snow King that are free of snow include Putt-Putt, Cache Creek Sidewalk, Hagen River, Hagen 2 Track, High Hagen, Sink or Swim, KC, Linda’s, Flat Creek, and Josie’s Ridge.

Ferrins Trail – the trail to the meadows is open and provides a great out and back. The entire trail should be open by this weekend.

West Game – This canyon may be open by the coming weekend, but there is a good bit of water everywhere.

Cache Creek Trail above Hagen and Putt-Putt – This is still a mess, but by the weekend we should be looking to be clear of snow to Bridge 6 (Cache/Game Bridge).

GSKA Notes:
You will notice bridges in Cache Creek are now numbered just in case they get washed away. If you see a bridge floating away, please let FOP or the USFS know!

The Cache/Game mountain bike race may be moved back a few weeks (it was scheduled for June 22). Please check with Teton County Parks and Rec for more info.


Dig Day this Saturday!

Mark Your Calendars!

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