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TFR Dig Day & National Trails Day this Saturday

From the Teton Freedom Riders:

We have been digging on the Parallel (pics below) for the last two weeks and planning / laying out work for a LARGE NUMBER of volunteers.  We are anticipating roughly fifty (50) volunteers!   June 4th is National Trails Day and below is all the information you need:

When:                   Saturday, June 4th (National Trails Day)

Trail:                     Parallel Trail

Rendezvous:         Trail Creek Trailhead (base of Old Pass Rd.)

Time:                     10 A.M. till Dark

Shop Sponsor:      Wilson Backcountry Sports

Food Sponsor:      Pica’s Taqueria & Tram Bar

Coffee Sponsor:    Pearl Street Bagels

Beer Sponsor:       Snake River Brewing

Bring:                    Work gloves, water, & extra food

Notes:  Wilson Backcountry Sports and the Teton Freedom Riders will have a tent set up at the Trail Creek Trailhead directing and shuttling volunteers throughout the day.  Wilson Backcountry Sports will provide a raffle, Pica’s Taqueria & Tram Bar will provide food while Snake River Brewing will provide beer.  Bring work gloves and libations.  We dig “rain or shine.”

Kevin Kavanagh

Not Quite Time to Cache In


Photo from

Although it’s mid May and the sun is shining, the Cache Creek trail system is only starting to become suitable for riding.  Lets work together and make sure the hacks out there know that riding through mud is extremely bad for the trails.

The rule of thumb is simple: if you’re getting mud on your bike (other than your tires) it’s too muddy to ride.  In addition, by leaving ruts in a muddy trail, you create a place for water to collect which in turn extends drying time.  Also, if you bike around mud then you widen our precious single track.  So do the right thing: stop before a muddy section, kick out a trench for water to drain, and turn around.

If you see someone with a muddy mountain bike, take a second to educate him or her.  Our trails get a lot of use and it would be nice if they were around for many years to come.  If you’re itching to ride this weekend, there is great dirt in Dubois and Pocatello!  Also, you can spin the legs on the Elk Refuge Road and take in some great scenery.

EJ’s Update – Ridge Trail & Phillips Canyon – 10-10-10

Hello everyone.  This update is for the last two weeks.  The mini-excavator is gone, and we still miss it greatly.  Trail work is much, much harder by hand.  It almost feels like we are living in the Dark Ages after seeing the light of modern trail building with modern machinery.

We had the first annual “Trail Crew Ride Your Bike at Work Day” two Tuesdays ago.  We had great attendance and a great day.  We rode the Ridge Trail in the morning.  The District Ranger Dale Deiter was able to attend.  He loved the trail and gave it a “R” rating, Ranger ready.  It was great to get everyone out to enjoy what we have been working so hard on for 4 years now.  The Ridge Trail is almost finally done and it is amazing.  10.8 miles of single-track is out there now connecting Teton Pass to Fish Creek road.  This includes sections of the Arrow and Snotel; and ,wow, what a ride.  In the afternoon we rode Phillips Canyon.  This trail is slated to have some work done to it next year.  We rode and then we talked.  There are a lot of views on what to do with this beloved canyon.  I will not get into it in this update, because it could go on forever.  I will say that the crew enjoyed the ride the way the trail was.  We enjoyed the downhill challenge.  We did agree that the line of sight could be improved and peddle clippers could be mitigated.   As I have said before, if anything happens to Phillips Canyon, there are going to have to be some public meetings.

We spent the rest of two weeks ago doing final touch-ups on the new sections of the Ridge Trail.  Roots we chopped out or covered in dirt, purgee’s were flush cut, line of sight was improved, and lots of tools and equipment were pulled of the hill.

Last week operation “Finish the last two switchbacks” on the upper Ridge trail commenced.  It will be nice to get these last two switchbacks finally done.  They are difficult switchbacks.  They are going to take quite a bit of time to complete by hand.  We miss Drew and the machine.  They could build these switchbacks in one day.  With some luck of good weather the switchbacks should be done by the end of the season, and the epic Ridge trail will be finally done.

Have a nice week everyone.  I’m taking the week off and leaving the switchbacks in the hands of my very capable and awesome crew.  If you are riding the Ridge trail this week don’t forget to bring the crew cookies.  I am going to have what Clay Curly calls a “stay-cation” and ride our awesome trails.  See you out there.

Erik Jacobson


Teton Pass Update from Teton Freedom Rider’s Dig Director

How-dee! Just wanted to keep folks in the loop on TFR trail progress.

Our state funding/reimbursement has been greatly delayed so my hands have been
tied as far as finish work on the Fuzzy Bunny and performing the Powerline Jumps
facelift. I’m confident that we will be set to go first thing next Spring. 2
weeks with a hand crew and 4 to 5 weeks with a (not so) mini excavator as soon
as the snow is gone.

In the meantime… been working on the Friends of Pathways trail crew. We just
spent 5 weeks with a CAT 305 c mini ex busting out the middle section of the
Ridge Trail. Attached is a pic of one of very many climbing turns. What a fun
project this has been! We’re currently working on the last 2 switchbacks up
high, after which the trail will FINALLY be complete. 10.8 miles of singletrack
from Hwy 22 to Fish Ck Rd.

Speaking of finally… we finished developing that large rock feature near the
bottom of the original Lower Lithium. That damned thing is the whole reason I
put the trail there. It turned out nice, I think. Not quite as fast and
jib-friendly as I’d hoped, but exciting nonetheless and it tosses you into the
berm below at a healthy clip. Attached are a few pics…..behold “The

We (TFR finish crew) have been working weekends on finishing the Jimmy’s
Mom/Candyland extension. Wrapped her up last Saturday. Sight lines are
cleared, no entry sign and post along with boulders to corral riders at the
bottom, and somewhere around a million drains have been installed. As a little
added bonus we stretched out the landing for the step mom jump and spruced up
the landing for the double right afterwards.

Yup…Jimmy’s Mom just got bigger.


Harlan Hottenstein
Field Director
Teton Freedom Riders





Teton Freedom Riders Dig Day Saturday Oct 9th – Lithium

Volunteer Dig-Day

Trail Users,

We the Teton Freedom Riders are hosting another volunteer Dig-Day sponsored by Habitat, Pearl Street Bagels, Snake River Brewing, & Tram Bar.

When: Saturday, October 9th
Trail: Lithium Trail
Rendezvous: Trail Creek Trailhead (base of Old Pass Road)
Time: 10 A.M. until dark
Shop Sponsor: Habitat
Food Sponsor: Pearl Street Bagels & Tram Bar
Beer Sponsor: Snake River Brewing
Bring: Work gloves, water, and extra food.

Notes: Habitat and the Teton Freedom Riders will have tents set up at the top at Trail Creek Trailhead (base of Old Pass Road) and will be directing volunteers throughout the day. Habitat will provide a raffle while Pearl Street Bagels, Snake River Brewing, & Tram Bar will provide food and beverage.

IMPORTANT: Bring work gloves, extra food, and water. We dig “rain or shine.”


Kevin Kavanagh
Teton Freedom Riders

EJ’s Teton Pass Trail Update 9-26-10

Hello everyone. We had our last week with the 305 CAT mini excavator. I’m really going to miss it. It did one hell of a job, and got the job done on the Ridge Trial. It turned a nearly impossible project into a reality. The Ridge Trail is finally done after three years of construction. A few minor touch-ups and two more switchbacks remain, but for the most part she is a done deal. The Ridge Trail is already a Jackson “classic”. Thanks to all who worked on this massive project.

This week we did some rerouting on the upper Hunt Trail section of the Ridge Trail. It was nice to get the machine into some easier terrain and to see what it really could do. On Tuesday Drew and the machine dug 1,300 ft. of trail. Continuing our discussion about Man vs.s Machine, this is about what we were getting in good terrain with the 20 person con crew. When you talk about the cost of a machine vs.s the cost of the cons the machine is definitely winning. The new reroute came out very nice. Take a little time the next time you ride the trail and do some sight seeing on this section’s one and only corner. There are great views of the Sleeping Indian and also of the crags on the Wilson Faces.

The trial crew worked on a Pathways project for the first time this Thursday. Drew and the machine dug a mile of Pathway on HWY 22 between Hardeman and Seaton Lane in Wilson. We hired a roller for a couple of hours, and a pretty darn nice dirt pathway was created. I’ve already seen bikers and horse riders on the trail. It will be a much safer way for the kids to ride to school. We do still need to build a bridge just before Hardeman Lane. I bet the trail crew can figure it out.

On Friday we moved some rocks at the exit of the new Candyland trail. This was done in an effort to send the downhill riders uphill onto the Old Pass road slowing folks down. It was a great idea of Harlan’s creating a multi-use solution.

Thank-you this week’s volunteers, Tom Davidson and Meagan Hill.

Have a nice week.

Erik Jacobson

Fitzgerald’s Sponsored TFR Dig Day on Saturday!


The Teton Freedom Riders are hosting another volunteer Dig-Day

sponsored by Fitzgerald’s Bicycles & Lotus Cafe.

Saturday, September 18th

Working on CANDY LAND – New trail connecting bottom of Jimmy’s with Old Pass Road above the entrance to Parallel.

Meeting at Trail Creek TH (base of Old Pass Road)

10am ’til dark

Bring gloves, water & extra food.

See you there!

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