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Spare a buck or two for trails?

Our buddy and eternal trail advocate, Walt Berling, is taking the St Anthony’s work crew out to lunch Friday to thank them for their efforts.  These guys have been tirelessly working on the Ridge Trail completion on Teton Pass.  If you haven’t had a chance to help out – here’s your chance.  Stop by the shop today to throw in a couple bucks to the cause. Fitzy’s will match up to $100!

Teton Pass Trail Update from Pike

I patrolled several areas this weekend:  There are two trees down on Old Pass Road near the pass parking lot.  I plan to take care of them myself on Monday morning.  At that time I also plan to check upper History.  I will let you know what I find.
Snotel is clear of snow and riding well from Arrow to Ridge.  I marked it “open” on the spread sheet.
Much of the snow on Arrow has melted out with only patches remaining.  It is riding well.
I ran into Waldo on the ridge trail and he mentioned you and he cleared some trees on Friday.  It looks and rides well now.
Submitted by Mike Piker USFS / Friend’s of Pathways

EJ Update – Teton Pass 6/20/10

Chris P., Mike Piker, Drew Kneeland, and Walt Berling spent a lot of time clearing the Teton Pass trails this week.  They opened up Phillips Canyon, the Ridge Trail, Arrow Trail, Big Rocks, the History Trail, and lower Blacks.  Thanks for your hard working efforts.  The trail ambassadors have been kicking butt and doing all the trail maintenance this year.  Note that some big patches of snow still exist in the high woodsy sections of Arrow Trail and Phillips canyon.  I was up at the Phillips Canyon trailhead on Teton Pass yesterday and there were a ton of people enjoying the newly cleared trails.

This week is going to be a huge one.  The St. Anthony’s work crew is back.  We have this hard working 20 person hand crew for 2 weeks.  They will be working on the Game Creek reroute early in the week.  It shouldn’t take them much more than two days to finish, since the SCA’s have gotten so far.  There is less than a mile left to go.  After that they will be working on the Josie’s Ridge reroute.  This is a smaller reroute of about 1500 ft. and should take them only a day.

Submitted by Erik Jacobson USFS

Trail Updates



If you read the Jackson Hole Weekly, you may have noticed that they announced summer as officially here.  What does that mean?  Well, aside from the occasional puddle, most everything up and around Snow King and Cache Creek is good to go!  Ferrins, West Game, and ‘Cache to Game’ are all riding nice and fine.


Teton Pass is riding great too!  Arrow Trail, Snotel Loop, and Powerline are all riding sweet!  Lithium and Blacks are good too, but getting up to them you may have to pounce throw a little bit of snow (we know you’re not scared).  See you on the trails!

Friday Volunteer Days

1Walt Berling and company are once again planning weekly dig days up on the pass!  Friday Volunteer Days are going to be meeting  down at the Stagecoach around 8am from now until the end of summer.  The crew will be working on problem areas, starting with Ridge Trail and moving on to other areas like new Phillips.  Dig days usually mean you get some free breakfast, coffee and most importantly peace of mind.  The next best thing to going to one of these dig days is being sure to thank the guys who are out there.

If you want to find out more information email Walt at or call him up at 307-699-0043.  Thanks guys!

National Trail Day Recap and Trail Update from EJ

Submitted by Erik Jacobson

That was one heck of a National Trails Day up at Munger Mountain! Just about everyone on this e-mail was there, so I won’t go into the details too much. It was our largest National Trails Day ever with over 90 people working on the Munger trails. Thank-you Tim Farris for all your hard work putting together the project work and logistics. Thank-you Chis P. for all you time organizing the event and celebrations. Thank-you Teton Freedom Riders for showing up in mass, kicking butt, and giving us your June dig day for NTD. Thank-you Jackson Hole Ski patrol for coming out to dig for the “Big”. Thank-you Andy and Kichan of Wilson Backcountry Sports for donating great raffle prizes. Thank-you Friends of Pathways for all your help with the event. Thank-you Jackson Trail Crew for prepping out all the projects and leading the crews. And thanks to everyone else I may have forgotten.

The FOP trail crew had a good week of project prep work. We became almost a full crew this week on Thursday. Drew Kneeland, Lloyd Wiser, and Clay Curley joined the crew on Thursday. Galen and I are glad to have them on board, since it is going to be a huge summer of trial building. Mike Piker also came on board as trail ambassador. Chris P. reports that he is kicking butt and already very busy clearing and opening up the trails as they melt out. This is a huge help, since the rest of us are so focused on trail construction this summer. Randy Roberts, Walt Berling, and Chris Owen will be working with us soon.


Teton Pass Parallel Trail

Scott Wood and Splatric Cunningham both made it up to the pass for some trail riding 2 days ago.  This is what they came back with.

Teton Pass Parallel Trail from Scott Wood on Vimeo.

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