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EJ’s Trail Update 5-30-10

** National Trails Day Saturday June 5th Munger Mountain Area – Details below**

Submitted by Erik Jacobson – USFS

Hello everyone.  Operation layout is now complete.  We have pin flags up on Josie’s Ridge, upper Game Creek, and the lower Ridge Trail.  I’m happy with the layout.  Thank-you Galen and Chris P. for all your work and expertise.  Thank-you Lloyd for volunteering two days on the Game Creek layout.

Next week we will commence operation project area prep work.  We will be clearing the new trail corridors and micro pinning the new trails.  Drew Kneeland and Lloyd Wiser start work this Thursday, and I am looking forward to working with them.  We have a massive summer of trail building ahead of us, and they are the kind of hard working trail folks that we need.  Clay Curly and Chris Owen are also slated to work on these projects, and I am looking forward to working with them as well.

I’ve been thinking about the Cache/Game bike race scheduled for June 21st quite a bit lately.  It makes me nervous.  I really feel that there will be some unsafe racing conditions if the race happens on the 21st.  The race is scheduled smack dab in the middle of the Game Creek trail construction.  Trail conditions are going to be very loose and dangerous.  A suggestion has been made to leave the old trail open for the race.  Unfortunately this cannot happen.  The old trail is close to the new trail.  As we dig we will be uncovering the rehab material that is needed for the old trail.  We have to rehab as we go.  Cache/Game races have been delayed in the past, and I feel that the race should be delayed again.  Let the new trail ride in and compact.  The racers should love the new trail, and a safe, new course will be show-cased.


EJ’s Trail Update 5-23-10

Submitted by Erik Jacobson – USFS

Hello everyone.  Here we go .  Another trail season is upon us.  Chris P., Galen, and I started this Monday on the FOP crew.  Tim Farris started about half of his Jackson Trail Crew on Monday as well.

We had a meeting on Monday and discussed the upcoming massive trail building summer ahead.  Tim Farris went over the schedule of the work crews during mid-June to mid July.  We discussed the trial projects that we want to tackle this summer.  In addition we discussed the public comments from the trails party.  We are using these public comments to make an FS Decision Memo on which trail projects the public liked and that we will do.

Tim Farris has scheduled a ton of workers for this summer.  He got an SCA crew for 20 days,and he got this crew for free!  Nice work Tim.  He also got the amazing St. Anthony’s work crew of 10 days.  This is a lot of labor coming at us.  My plan is to combine forces as much as we can and work with these crews.  It is important for quality control and we can make these crews even larger.  The SCA is a crew of 8 and St. Anthony’s is a crew of 20.  Here are the crew schedules.  We are booked solid for a month.  I want to tie in with these crews as much as we can, but we are definitely taking some days off especially around the 4th.

SCA                                   June 10-20 (day off on the 16th)

St. Anthony’s                      June 21-25
June 28 – July 2

SCA                                   July 1-11 (day off on the 7th)


Wyoming Business Council Awards Trails Grant for JH Trails Project! $750k for trails to be spent this summer!

This is the biggest news that hasn’t been made big news!
Representatives from Friends of Pathways, JHMR, Snow King, Teton County, and the Town of Jackson successfully lobbied State Legislators to convince them that trails = economic growth.
Obvious to you right? Well now our leaders feel the same way. Wow! What times we are living in!
Get ready for some serious trail action this summer. Click on this link to see all the details:

Wyoming Business Council Grant Details

Here are the highlights:
The total JH Trails Project value is $751,430.
The grant award from BRC funds is $375,715.
The project partners will provide a 50% match, and will carry out the work starting in early spring 2010 with completion by fall 2011.

What’s it mean to us?
Miles of new hiking and biking trail – 27 miles
New facilities – 2 bike parks, 1 restroom, visitor signing
Job creation during construction – 12 jobs + 1 new business
Job creation after construction – 6 new jobs, 5 jobs saved, indirect jobs
Trails‐derived sales tax – improve Teton County’s sale tax revenue
New visitors attracted to area – generate 1000‐2000 destination visits

GSKA and Teton Pass Trails Coordinator Weekly Update – Sept 26th

Submitted by Erik Jacobsen
GSKA and Teton Pass Trails Coordinator
Hello everyone. What a week! After winter, of course, this is my favorite time of year out here. The trails are in excellent shape, the temperatures are cool, and the colors are vibrant. I had the pleasure of touring much of the Greater Snow King Area logging sign locations and what they say. We will be putting up fresh signs next year on all the directional posts. Some were a little confusing and I’m trying to clear that up. Also Linda and I are looking to rename a few things to avoid confusion, namely the whole Hagen complex. We looked at Galen’s new worker map and noticed that Sink or Swim now continuously travels from Josie’s to Hagen proper. It is my intention to call that all Sink or Swim eliminating “High Hagen” and calling that Sink or Swim as well. Instead of calling Hagen Highway what it is now, I want to call that the Hagen trail; since it also runs continuously all the way to the Cache Creek trail and Putt Putt. Also, I want to call the Hagen River Trail simply the River trail. Now when folks ask us how to get to the Hagen trail, we won’t have to say “which one”.

The Jackson Trail Crew and Galen continued on the switchbacks this week. There are just two left! Unfortunately the shear pins broke late in the day on Tuesday while gripping out a large stump shutting down operations. I express ordered 30 new pins from Bitchin’ Bob of Ramussen Equipment in Salt Lake City. Switchback operations recommenced on Friday. Chris Owen and I set up a 2 to 1 mechanical advantage and got that sucker out.

With the grip hoist temporally out of service Galen took the crew into the lower Ridge section and did some more clearing this week. We had quite a few new blow downs and a couple of adjustments to make. They also cleared a tree on Hagen and Josie’s Ridge for me.

I met with Scott Neison this week, and he brought to my attention a little battle that has been going on in the KC, Sink or Swim, and Josie’s area. There is a very ambitious “Stick Man” up there. He has good intentions. He is closing a lot of the multi-braided side trails in that area with sticks. Unfortunately he is just going a little overboard with it and laying down just about every stick he can find. He also places some sticks in dangerous locations. Some are too small and very pointy causing the infamous “pungy stick” danger. Scott and I walked with his dog, and I saw what is going on. The dogs like to grab the sticks and inevitably some of them fall in the trail. This can be very dangerous when encountered on a bike. Scott has been pulling a lot of the more dangerous ones all summer, but more a more reappear and so the battle goes. I will be taking the crew up there this Fall and work on a solution. My plan is to plant rocks and sage in the spurs. These will stay and not fall into the trail. I thank Scott for bringing this problem to my attention.

GSKA and Teton Pass Trails Coordinator Weekly Update – Sept 20th

Submitted by Erik Jacobsen
GSKA and Teton Pass Trails Coordinator

Hello everyone. I’m back from my week off and back at it. I almost needed a vacation from my vacation. (lots of rafting, biking, and backpacking with the brother and his wife.) We went back to wiggle-world last week. The switchback count is starting to widdle down, two left. (unfortunately the last two are going to be the hardest ones) We pretty much got a two-for-one special this week. We built one big normal switchback (beautiful with three layers of big timbers), and then we got a bonus easy one just built with dirt. The Jackson Trail Crew continues to give excellent help and support to the front-country trail program. We have a new switchback prodigy, Chris Owen. He has learned how to scribe, cope, and build switchbacks quicker than anyone I’ve seen. His first cope was perfect. He has taken quite a liking to the swithcback construction operation and we might just have to hang on to him a little while. Casey Stewart also joined us for the week and learned how to build switchbacks. She did a real nice job too. On Thursday we had the whole Jackson crew and had quite the operation going on. I felt like I was on the new Discovery show “American Loggers”. We were peeling timbers, rigging timbers, and setting timbers all at the same time. Sarah Newcolm did her first scribe and cope. It came out real nice. We were real close to finishing what may be one of our best switchbacks on the hill on Friday. Instead of rushing it and making it sub-par, we called it a weekend and will return to make it world-class.

Have a nice week.

Cool Video of the new Ridge Trail on Teton Pass

Focus Productions Ridge Trail Video

Ridge Trail Update from EJ

Hello everyone. Galen and I have started “operation switchbacks”. We are working from the top-down this year, so we started on the switchback in root world. We finished the switchback in a week. That is pretty darn good for our first one of the year, because that is about what they take, one week per switchback. It was a pretty easy one though. The grip-hoist is a champion. When people ask Galen what happens inside the machinery he calls it “magic”. We were able to grip out two stumps that were blocking the corner and it made everything so much easier. We are messing around with the lay-out on the switchbacks a bit and going with a little larger radius (7′ vs. 6′). It may make them flow a little nicer. I am considering increasing the radius on some of the lower switchbacks if the 7 footers flow nicer. Bigger is usually better. Thanks to Todd Cedarholm who volunteered for a day jumped right into the trenches literally. Also thanks to Chris Owens who came out yesterday and learned real quick how to build a switch. His first cope ever was perfect.

I off next week for a family visit. Galen is on. If anyone is interested in learning switchbacks give Galen a call. Its real interesting work, and he is a good teacher.

Have a nice week.

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