Pole Canyon Joins the After Work Specials

Pole Canyon Cornice

With a small posse of friends, Pole Canyon was the destination ride for the evening. Not one of us had ever ridden up Pole Canyon. I had hiked to the top years before, but always considered it to be too steep and rough to ride.  Encouraged by reports of the “easy” new reroute sections, our little group headed out one evening after work. Right out of the gate, I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely buff single track. The trail climbed up the valley occasionally merging with the old track with its roots and rock. The grade was fairly sustained with very few sections to take a breather (or get out of granny gear!). The re-routed sections were mostly smooth with the newest reroute adding some big, fat sweeping turns.  The upper part of the climb was all on the old trail with its full complement of loose rock, big roots and smooth dirt. This is also where the trail broke out of the trees and through some really pretty meadows.  There were some small patches of snow and mud near the top. A nice, thick cornice marked the end of biking at the summit of the climb. We parked the bikes and hiked up the snow to take in the cool views and plan further rides into this awesome corner of the neighborhood. Layers were donned as we hiked back down to our bikes and joyfully descended back down to the trailhead. The big sweeping turns of the newest reroute were so fun, I just had holler with glee at the top of my lungs.  Our ride was less than two hours including plenty of chatting and photo taking. It’s a fun new addition to my ‘after work specials’! The next TVTAP trail day is at Pole Canyon July 12th. I look forward to joining in and continuing to make this trail even more rider-friendly.

‘Tis the Season to Keep It Local, Yokels!

Keep It Local

Is this a motley crew or what?!?  It’s an image of the Fitzgerald’s staff (minus Michael and me) taken by one of our customers, local photographer, Jonathan Selkowitz.  We are gearing up for Black Friday and the upcoming Holiday Buying Season. Teton County, ID and Teton County, WY are devoid of any Walmarts or Targets or Best Buys, but it is a given that there will be lots of sales starting Friday in both valleys.  What does this mean?  This means that we all have a great opportunity, right here and now, to spend our money locally.

What does “Keep It Local” really mean?  It means (more…)

Local Fat Bike Rides

Fat Biking in Teton Canyon

Fat Biking in Teton Canyon

Not sure where to go ride your fat bike?  Never fear – we’ve got the low down on all the fat biking in Teton Valley and Jackson Hole!  Before you go click here for some rules of the trails!

Teton Valley Favorites:

Grand Targhee Resort: Yup, you can ride on sweet groomed nordic track at a resort!  Just head up to Grand Targhee Resort.

  • 15 kilometers of perfectly groomed nordic trails over hills and swooping corners on multiple loop options
  • $10 per day for a ticket or $120 for nordic season pass
  • Facilities:  Restrooms, Restaurant & Bar, Outdoor Shop & Rentals
  • From Driggs take Ski Hill Road all the way to the end at Grand Targhee Resort (more…)

1st Annual Targhee Super D Race Report

People ask me all the time (literally, all the time), “so are you doing much racing this Summer?”  To which I usually answer, “No, I don’t really race… just ride for fun.”  Of course this statement is mostly true.  But those of you who know me well would say this statement is BS when it comes to cross and the occasional downhill race.  But compared to most “racers”, I really don’t race.

So if that’s the case, why was I so worked up over the 1st Annual Targhee Super D race during the Wydaho Rendezvous Mountain Bike Festival?  Maybe it was the fact that I fancy myself a bit of an all arounder on the bike with a leg up on the downhills.  Maybe it’s because I have a downhill race background so this form of DH lite is appealing.  Maybe it’s because my Pivot Mach 429 is the best bike I’ve ever owned and is perfectly suited for this race.  Or maybe it’s because I bet fellow shop owner Aaron Grutzmacher of the Hub Bicycles that I would be his shop mechanic for a day if I lost to him!


Team Spotlight: Wes Hamilton

Fitzgerald’s Bicycles Team Member Wes Hamilton just completed the first half of his season racing lots of crits.  While he took a breather before launching into the rest of his race season, Wes took a few minutes to talk about  hot laps on Victor’s cross course, how he got hooked on the Scott Addict CX and why the joker keeps him going:

Wes Hamilton

SKH:  When did you join the team?

WH:  This is my first year with the team.  I rode a bit with the team last year during the cross season, but this is my first official year.

SKH:  Why did you join Fitzgerald’s Team?

WH:  I got to know the team mainly from their support at the cross races.  It didn’t seem to really matter if you were tearing it up, or brand new to the sport, they gave mad props to everyone.  I made a decision then and there that if the opportunity came up, that was the only team I wanted to ride with.  Everyone, regardless of their level, is supported by this team and that is the vibe that keeps us all going. (more…)

Fitzy’s Targhee Super D Pre-Race Scouting Report

New to the Wydaho Rendezvous Mountain Bike Festival this year is the Targhee Super D Race scheduled for Sunday, July 29th. With 12.5 miles and 4700 vertical feet, the Super D Race is certain to be a favorite event for Wydaho for years to come.  Fitzy took to the course one Saturday this summer to scout out all the lines, get the down low on bike and tire selection and have a bit of fun.    Andy at Grand Targhee and Dana Ramos posted up a Google Map with the entire course.

Scott swears he shared all of his impressions and given his best advice, but I guess we will all just have to race the Super D to find out ourselves if he held anything back for himself.  Here’s his pre-race ride report: (more…)

Pierre’s Hole Race Report from “The” Dave Saurman

Hey Riders, So another session of self abuse at Pierre’s Hole this past Saturday.  Tons of fun.  A great turn out from the locals and others from all over the planet.  And maybe a few from nearby planets?  A leisurely start at 10:15 for the 50 milers.  It was warm, dry and never got above 75 degrees.  Perfect race conditions as the weeks rains made the course tacky.  Some new trail( still a bit bumpy) but good to mix it up.

I had ridden some of the course last Wednesday and Mill Creek specifically was scary with a water runnel right down the middle of the trail.  Thanks to Troy Barry and his crew for making it much more rid able.

The race was fun – though seemed to hurt more than usual.  As the 40+ champ for the last two years, I had a lot to live up to…….or not.  I knew going in there was some stiff competition this year.  A lot of strong contenders not from here.

I had a good start, I had an awesome first decent of Mill creek. I hammered the road up to Bustle Creek decent.  I was amazed how many I passed.  at one point, like 15at once?  The usually long hump up Dry Creek (really painful) and out into Ricks kind of by myself.  Start/Finish and off for the second lap.  Now the pain increasing.  Even better descent down Mill Creek ( as there was no one in front of me) and another good road climb.  An OK descent to the Dry Creek #2.  Now the pain really begins.  I was passed by a few not in my class, and maybe one in the 40 +?  I did not care, I kept pushing forward, but not fast enough.  Finally the top and slowly into Ricks again.  Now I was home.  8 miles to go.  Then I began to Cramp.  The inner thighs.  Damn I hate that.  I popped my last 3 Ecaps and moved on.  It helped for a while, but a mile from the end I started to cramp agian.  Damn.  Then I saw some dude, a 100 miler on his last lap and asked him if he had Ecaps?  He looked, actually stopped in the middle of his race and found none.  I found one last shot of my Egooo and I guess there was enough lytes in it to save me.  I finished.  Yeah.  With no good training except racing, I felt good about my race.  I had record time and ended up 4th in the 40+ and a podium as they went 5 deep!!  Not bad for this fat out of shape geezer.

Just happy for another clean race, no crashes, no bonks, no flats and no mechanicals.

Oh, and congrats to all my buddies for there podiums.  I think just about everyone got a spot.

Cheers, DS

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