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Don’t worry about the skiing – Darby Canyon is riding awesome!

Jannine and I went out for an hour and a half ride today up Darby Canyon just south of Driggs, ID.


Turn right before the Spud drive – in and head toward the Tetons.  Darby Canyon is the Southern entrance to the Aspen Trail.  We parked at the bottom of the Canyon and rode almost 5 miles to the Wilderness trail head for the Wind Cave hike.



J9 – So hot right now.  The 16″ Surly Pugsley rental bike is not too bad either…

How were the conditions?  Does perfect sum it up for you?  Since the snow depths are still pretty shallow, trucks are still driving up the canyon along with snowmobiles so the pack is incredible!  Add some cold/warm cycles to the equation and you get the primo conditions we rode today.  Probably beyond a regular Mt Bike’s abilities, but our Pugsley ruled it!  We didn’t even need to run super low pressure to cruise like it was dirt.

If you snowbike, this photo gets you stoked:031

Mesa Falls Road is ready for the Fat Bikes

On December 6th I rode from the Warm Springs Camp Ground (just East of Ashton, ID) with Dave, Michelle, Jay, and Tracey.  The snow was just deep enough on the rail trail leaving the parking lot to justify having the snow bikes (3 Surly Pugsley’s, 1 Fat Back, 1 9:Zero:7).  It was fun to work the horse hoof potholes and keep the forward momentum with some Zen like focus.  By the time we got to the Mesa Falls road I was glad to feel some smooth snowmobile trail under the 4″ wide Endomorph tires.  The riding all the way to Mesa Falls was buff, and fast!  Dave and Jay rode all the way to Harriman State Park on 47 while me and the girls headed back from the falls.  The 8 mile round trip from car to Falls was plenty for me as I had not pedaled a bike since floating the Grand Canyon for 3 weeks (getting smoked at the Rexburg Cross race doesn’t count).


The 4 inches of Fat Bike suspension was earning its keep!


What would be a rail trail without a sweet Tunnel!


Jay Petervary was breaking in his new Titanium 9:Zero 7 from Chain Reaction Cycles in Anchorage, AK.


The Falls are cool in the Summer and EPIC in the Winter.  I hear they even offer free hot chocolate in the Visitors Center on Saturdays once the “season” really kicks in.  This is a great place to get in a quick ride to a beautiful overlook, or to grab an all day epic if you want.


Pole Canyon to Mike Harris – 7/13/09


I wouldn’t say that riding up Pole Canyon is fun, but the views and quality of singletrack at the top is world class!


Descending back into Mike Harris with views of Victor and beyond.

Jannine Mike Harris

The Mike Harris DH is awesome!  If you like Philips Canyon you will LOVE Mike Harris.  Not for the beginner rider


Everyone should carry a pack saw!  The trail still has some downfall, but we cleared most of it.

Teton Valley Update 6-23-09

I need some more info from the readers out there.  If you’ve ridden in Teton Valley recently post a comment below this post for me.

Here’s what I do know:

Aspen Trail - Good to go but probably still greasy in spots after this past rain cycle.

Horseshoe Canyon - The back side trails are now rideable so you can have a full day out there now.

Spooky / Red Creek – I’ll bet Red Creek is still snow out but would like to know for sure.  Chris E went through with the chain saw a few weeks ago and said he only scratched the surface.  Spooky is riding though.

Pole Canyon / Mike Harris / Mail Cabin – Looking for an update

Victor Town Singletrack - Now open but rough.  Come help dig on Tuesday nights in Pioneer Park!

Horseshoe Canyon

One of the best new trail areas around is also the early season mecca! Horseshoe Canyon outside Driggs has awesome Pirate mountain bike trails that have now been officially adopted but the Forest Service. Turn right in Driggs at the stop light and continue on Cedron Rd until it turns to the South at an intersection. Follow the road straight ahead to the West at this intersection and keep going along this road until you wind up in Horseshoe Canyon – pretty obvious. The early season riding is to your right as you enter the Canyon (North). RIght now all the “front side” trails are dry and good to go: Bovine, Channel Lock, South Bound. Come into the shop and grab a Teton Valley Trails and Pathways (TVTAP) map to get all the detail you need for this area.

South Fork Trail / Pine Creek Bench

A little further than Teton Valley lies the South Fork Trail which is often called Pine Creek Bench. It’s one of the earliest trails in the area to dry out and is a blast to ride. Head over Pine Creek Pass and turn right at the Pine Creek Bench Ranch and follow the road as it cuts a hard right. Drive to the end and park where the road turns right on a more rutted road – better to not drive on this part. Start your ride by descending through the gate down a double track road to the Creek. Don’t forget to close the next gate you pass through. Continue on Double track towards the river and look for singletrack starting on your right after about a 1/2 mile. If you hit the river you’ve gone too far. After Suffering through the first steep climb ride the trail until it’s time to head back for happy hour!

Aspen Trail Report

I haven’t been on it this year myself, but I keep getting reports that the Aspen Trail in Teton Valley is riding really good. Head North on Highway 33, turn right on 200 South, go to the end and then turn right. Continue into Darby Canyon and look for the Aspen trail head on your left. It makes for a great out and back ride and is just as fun both ways!

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