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Fitzy’s Bike Team News: A.J. Finishes NUE Singlespeed Season in GA Racing with Fools

A.J.’s Race Report from the Fool’s Gold in Georgia, Sept 2013

The Stats:
96 Miles or 102 Miles (depending on whether you believe Garmin Connect or Strava.)
12,500′ of climbing
1st-Place Singlespeed, 3rd Overall
8:19:08 to the finish

The 2013 NUE Series came to a bittersweet ending at the Fool’s Gold 100 in Dahlonega, GA. I was amazed by the riding in north Georgia, and astounded at the lengths people will go to in sabotaging a mountain bike race. What the hell? It’s hard enough to stay upright on a bike in these races, let alone deal with goons taking us miles off-course. Aargh.


North Highway 89 Multi-Use Pathway Season Extended


National Elk Refuge News Release
US Fish & Wildlife Service
Department of the Interior
National Elk Refuge
PO Box 510
Jackson, Wyoming  83001

Lori Iverson / 307.733.9212
North Highway 89 Multi-Use Pathway Season to be Extended

Highway 89 multi–use pathway from Flat Creek to the Gros Ventre bridge. Beginning this fall, the annual closure will begin on November 1 rather than the October 1 date previously used since the pathway opened in the spring of 2011.

The seasonal closure was a key condition of the agreement between Teton County and the National Elk Refuge for pathway use on U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service property. A collaborative decision was made with the County after a 2009 Environmental Assessment determined the restriction was legally required. Another alternative identified during the planning process called for locating the pathway on the west side of the highway with fewer restrictions, but public comment supported the east side placement despite the seasonal closure. (more…)

Fitzy’s Bike Team News: Bergy Down, But Not Out

Bergy Tears ACL, Down But Not Out


Well I don’t have a race report, but rather a DIY project that I thought you’d might enjoy. This project is how I’ve attached my ipad for optimal viewing for trainer workouts. Yes, I’ve been riding my trainer already… preparation for the 2014 season. Unfortunately, this summer I blew out my acl, and I’ve been race sidelined for the rest of this year.  This cross season I’ll be the drunk obnoxious cheerleader yelling at you holding out dollar bills, or probably in reality I’ll be more like the mechanic bike pit guy who sips on a warm beer throughout the race.


Pivot Mach 6: Best Bike Ever?

Hard to believe but, the Pivot Mach 6 looks ever prettier in person. Come see her for yourself!

So…here’s the story.  I asked Fitzy just what all the rage was about the Mach 6. I had ridden our demo Mach 429 earlier this summer and LOVED it. But, I hadn’t ridden the Mach 6.  (With broken ribs, I couldn’t ride until the beginning of Sept.) Fitzy, J9 and Billy rode it at Dealer Camp in July and their collective opinion of it was, “It’s the best bike, ever!”  Hmm…really?  Ever?  It’s a 650b-er (27.5″ wheels) and has all the according bells and whistles of an Enduro-racing bike:

  • the next generation of Pivot’s dw-link design
  • 6.1″ of travel
  • stiff and responsive carbon frame
  • lower BB
  • longer top tubes
  • and on and on and on and on and on…

While all this seems great, it reads like a foreign language.  So, I pushed for more insider info.  Turns out, our two highly esteemed mechanics at the shop, Michael and Lloyd, apparently rode the Mach 6 at the 2013 WYDAHO Rendezvous Mountain Bike Fest over Labor Day Weekend.  They, too, raved about the bike. (I reasoned that it’s always good when your mechanic likes your bike.)  Scott then raced it in the Super D at WYDAHO.  I haven’t checked the results to see how he did, but I’m assuming he finished the race, at least?  Anyway, Pivot pushes the bike as an enduro-race machine, but Scott calls it the “Ultimate Teton Mountain Bike.”  ”The Best” and “The Ultimate.”  That means I’m definitely going to have to check this bike out for myself.  Steer clear, I’m back in the saddle!

See our homepage at Fitzgerald’s Bicycles to learn more about the gorgeous and high-performing Pivot Mach 6.

‘Cross is Back and It Won’t Go Away

Katie Bergart on the Pioneer Park track

A few years ago, I wandered into cyclocross and I still can’t seem to get it out of my system. I’m not sure if it’s the laid-back style of the races (complete with “beer stations” and costumed participants), the hearty group that gathers to do them, or the fact that I get to ride in mud, rain, or snow throughout the season. Or, maybe it’s because it harkens back to being a kid and getting dirty. Regardless, I’m coming off a long injury-ridden hiatus from the sport. But…the upcoming weekly Cyclocross Training Series has got me thinking that I might be able to ease myself back into it. (See below.) I’m going to show up on Wednesday and give it a go. Nothing too fancy, really. I’ll probably do the course on a mountain bike and see how I feel. If all goes well, I may transition into using a real ‘cross bike. It definitely makes a difference and is much faster than my full suspension. Either way, I’m just excited to see everyone out there and to have fun. Plus, I can imagine there might be a beer or two waiting for me at Grand Teton Brewery afterwards. I’m so there!

Cyclocross Training Series – Every Wednesday at Pioneer Park from 9/18 – 10/23. The first race is at 6 p.m. and the second is 10 minutes after the first completes. 3 laps/race. Points to top 10 finishers for each race & payout to top 5 women & men for the series. $30 for the series or $5 each race.

Kross Kick-Off – 9/21 at Pioneer Park. Grand Teton Brewery’s Oktober Fest is going on at the same time.

Teton Valley Gravel Grand Prix – 9/22. I think this is a new one?

The Cube – 10/5 at Rexburg. Win a bag of potatoes!

King Cross – 10/9 & 10/27 at Snow King

Moose Cross – 10/12 and 10/13 at Pioneer Park.  Check out for info.

Rolling Thunder – 10/19 & 10/20 in Missoula, MT.  It’s one of the Rocky Mountain’s biggest races.

Spooky Cross – 11/2 at Pioneer Park. Halloween costumes are welcomed!

Village Cross – 11/3 at Teton Village

The Fat Bike Growler Style

Fat Bike Season is a-coming! And, contrary to what I originally thought, fat biking isn’t a sport reserved only for winter. This video shows how it’s done on the North Shore (B.C.), especially when it’s really dry, or rather, when the beer has run out.

I never knew that there was such a thing as a “growler cage”? I might have to get a fat bike this fall just so that I can cruise up to the Brew Pub, Grand Teton Brewery, the Q, or Wildlife and say, “Fill ‘er up!” I mean, how cool would that be?!?  My wheels are turning…

Path22 Update

I’ve been wondering what is going on with the pathway bridge across the Snake River. I keep seeing the cranes and all the orange barriers near Emily’s Pond and have been hoping for signs of progress. Well, we’re in luck. The following blurb from the Friends of Pathways August 13 newsletter gives a nice update on the Path22 Project. Read on…

The Path22 Project is made up of three segments: the West, East, and Middle Segments.

The West Segment begins at the Stilson Lot, crosses Wyoming 390 via an underpass, meanders through the new “R” Park, crosses the Snake River on the separated Pathway Bridge, and concludes at Iron Rock Road near Emily’s Pond. Phase 1 of the project (the Bridge!) began in March. As you know, there were some difficulties driving the piles through a very hard layer, but after a new technique, the project has been progressing smoothly. On Monday, the Commissioners approved the 390 underpass, which is scheduled to be constructed this fall when ground water considerations will be less of a concern.

The East Segment will also be constructed in two Phases. Phase I runs along the East Side of Wyoming 22 between Spring Gulch Road and the “Y” intersection of 22 and Broadway / US89 and along the North side of West Broadway to the Flat Creek Bridge. Phase I is scheduled to see construction work begin this fall. Phase II, on the west and south of the same corridor, is scheduled for the summer of 2014.

The Middle Segment will connect the areas between Iron Rock and Spring Gulch Road and will hopefully see construction in 2014.

Brian Schilling, Jackson Hole Community Pathways coordinator commented, “this is a complicated project due to the geographic and environmental considerations, the number of landowners involved along the project area and the extensive permitting required from multiple local, state and federal agencies but we are making good progress and, in a relatively short time, our community will have a completed multimodal connection between the Town of Jackson and Teton Village. We are excited to see the community’s vision coming to fruition.”

To receive weekly project updates “Like” Path22 at or contact Charlotte Reynolds at to be added to the Path22 email distribution list.

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