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Get Your WYDAHO Fest 2013 on now and how!

WYDAHO Fest 2012 BMX demo

TVTAP is putting on the amazingly stacked 2013 WYDAHO Rendezvous Mountain Bike Festival up at the ‘Ghee over Labor Day Weekend on Friday, August 30 – Sept 1. I’ve never been able to go in the past, but this year’s lineup is too good to pass up. Some details caught my eye…

*Sunday Super D – downhill race
*Bike clinics, especially Adventure Cycling with Jay Petervary (Need I say more?!)
*$25 Camping! Includes showers! (I’ve used the showers before – they’re legit.)
*Trials team performances
*Night ride on Saturday – I’m both scared and excited. Are headlamps allowed??
*Movies, parties, live music
*Kids’ races, raffle, fun!
*Group rides every morning and afternoon

WYDAHO Fest is such a GREAT deal! A $55 adult entry means free raffle and party entries, 2 beer tickets per day, swag bag, free bike demos, a weekend chairlift pass and more. And, it is for a GREAT cause. TVTAP uses the money to help build and maintain trails and pathways in Teton Valley. Plus, the Festival supports the bike culture we have going here. It’s a pretty cool one. It would be GREAT to keep growing it.

So…it’s time to jump on board! Jump before August 17 and you’ll get entered into a special super duper raffle with a chance to win a Giant Cruiser, gift certs and such. If you aren’t riding that weekend, no biggie. You can still join the fun! I’m so banged up from biking this summer that I may have to just chill, hike, watch the action, ride the chair to the top of Fred’s, eat some good food, take in some live music, drink beer, camp, listen to Jay P and celebrate the last of our summer. Let’s get our WYDAHO on!

It’s “Game On” for Linnell

Fitzy Team rider, A.J. Linnell, cruises the High Cascades 100

Sometimes the final outcome of an entire season comes down to the last few races. That’s the pressure that Fitzy Team singlespeed rider, A.J. Linnell, faces as he enters the Pierre’s Hole 100 at Grand Targhee Resort this weekend. Pierre’s Hole 100 is part of the National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Series, a collection of 14 long distance mountain bike races that take place across the country. A.J., 37, is battling for the title of NUE Singlespeed Champion, and so far this season, he has strung together some outstanding NUE (and non-NUE) performances to make that possible…

March: True Grit, St. George, UT – 2nd (NUE)
May: 12 Hours of Disco, Salmon, ID – 1st
June: Knobby Tire 9 to 5 Marathon, Boise, ID – 1st
Tatanka 100, Sturgis, SD – 1st (NUE)
July: Marathon Nationals, Sun Valley, ID – 2nd
High Cascades 100, Bend, OR – 1st (NUE)

A.J.’s NUE wins have come on a variety of courses. The Tatanka 100 took place on more technical terrain that he characterized as, “rough singletrack similar to that in Teton Valley with loose rocks and beautiful forests.” A.J. must have felt right at home in the Black Hills — he placed second out of all the riders, in addition to winning the singlespeed category. His next win at the High Cascades 100, a “top notch” race that attracts approximately 350 riders, offered a different challenge. This time he had to contend with an enormous “dust cloud” that caused him to “ride blind” at the beginning of the race. A.J. said he gauged where he was in the field because he, “knew some of the geared riders around me and how fast they ride.” He must have paced himself well as he never saw another singletrack competitor the rest of the race. He won by ten minutes.

Even with these victories under his belt, A.J. still needs two more wins in the NUE Series to force a tie breaker with the current leader, Gerry Pflug, at the Fool’s Gold in Georgia on September 7. Tomorrow, he will go for broke at his hometown race, the Pierre’s Hole 100, a three lap event that promises big climbs and big descents. Last year, A.J. dropped out of the race on the second lap due to illness. This year, he’s in a “must win” situation to keep his title dream alive.

But, if A.J. stands atop the singlespeed podium at Targhee, and wins the Point to Point in Park City at the end of August, he has a chance to vie for the NUE crown in early September. Regardless, he has to book a plane ticket to Georgia before he races in Park City, a leap of faith if there ever was one.

So…here’s to A.J. and the rest of the Pierre’s Hole of luck this weekend! We’ll be pulling for you!

Klamer Victorious at 2013 Marathon Nationals

Fitzy Team rider, Gabe Klamer, won the Men’s 30-34 Class at the 2013 Marathon Mountain Bike National Championships last weekend in Sun Valley, Idaho.  For his victory, he was awarded the much coveted USA Cycling stars and stripes jersey and a podium in front of his compatriots.  Seems like it was fitting way for Gabe to celebrate his Fourth of July weekend, by going out with a bang!

For Gabe, 31, the road to victory began a year ago when he committed to the 2013 race.  He figured that Sun Valley was the perfect place to make a run for a national title: he had raced there before, its terrain resembled Jackson’s, and it was an easy distance away by car.  So, this winter when the Teton snowpack looked grim, Gabe began to spend more time on his snow bike than on his skis.  In the spring, he was able to do 200 miles of “focused training” per week because the temps were relatively warm and the roads dry.  But, it wasn’t all work and no play.  Gabe married his sweetheart, Jenny, in May and squeezed in a family reunion in Indiana in June.

Gabe said that the early season races around the valley really helped him to prepare for Nationals.  He credited a lot of his success to Snow King because, “It’s where all my race seasons are built.”  He snow biked there in the winter and recently competed on its trails in the Outerlocal Games at the end of June.  At all of these local races, Gabe found himself going head to head with another Fitzy Team rider, Jason Berning.  He and Jason had consistently finished close together in the results and they had come to know each other’s riding style quite well.

So, when the starting bell went off in Sun Valley last weekend and Jason took off like a rocket on the first “monster climb,” Gabe felt he, “had no choice, but to chase him down.”  They separated themselves from the main pack and at the top of the climb, Jason got around a group of pros, leaving Gabe to fend for himself on the “monster descent” and two other short climbs.  By the end of the first lap and its 3,000 feet of climbing, Gabe figured he was at least three minutes behind. Jason was nowhere to be seen.

The second round of the “monster climb” promised to be hot and steep, and Gabe knew that if he wanted to wear the stars and stripes, he would have to catch Jason.  He said that he put his head down and, “after ten minutes of suffering, I saw the orange [Fitzgerald’s Bicycles] shirt.”  He caught Jason about ten minutes from the summit.  They rode together for a while before Gabe went past him and, “drilled it to the top.”  The rest of that second lap, he rode hard, “convinced that Jason was on my heels.”  Gabe crossed the finish line for the 40 mile race in 3:26:24, just three minutes ahead of Jason, exclaiming all the while, “I did it! I did it!” He achieved what he set out to do – win the National Championship!

Congratulations to Gabe, Jason and AJ Linnell, who all proudly represented the Fitzy Team in Sun Valley.  In addition, kudos to Amy Fulwyler for placing second in the Women’s 45-49 Class, to Cary Smith for winning the Men’s Singlespeed Class, and to all area riders for competing in the 2013 Marathon Nationals.  Good luck going forward!

Fitz-Barn : Barn-Fitz

The Fitz-Barn ride is a 400+ mile self-supported dirt adventure connecting two of the best Rocky Mountain bike shops!

This annual ride alternates between riding to/from Fitzgerald’s Bicycles in Victor, ID and Red Barn Bicycles in Hamilton, MT.  The 2013 edition will start in Hamilton on Friday August 9th.  Check out all the details at

Fitzy Team News

Our Team is off to a great start this racing season.  Here’s some of our recent race reports from our team members.

AJ, Kim and Dave all raced and podiumed at the Boise 9 to 5


2013 Run & Ride Report

Kathleen Crowley spent last Sunday at the 2013 Run & Ride…here is her race report.

My heart is pumping. I’m clearly anxious about the start in 5 minutes. Do I have everything I need? Did I prepare well enough? Finally, I count down, 5…4…3…2…1…GO! I step aside, and…they’re off! Kids of all ages run through the first set of cones and on to the pathway. Phew! They’ve begun the running leg of their mini-race with eager looks in the eyes and lots of encouragement from parents and spectators. Within minutes, they return and grab their bikes for the 1 mile leg in the other direction. I race to reset some cones on the tight, sandy corner near the finish, hoping to avoid any wipeouts. Eventually, they all pedal across the finish line and receive a blue ribbon for participation. Smiles all around! (more…)

Fitzgerald’s University: Nutrition 101

Fitzgerald's University:  Nutrition 101

Fitzgerald's University: Nutrition 101

Have you ever eaten a salted, cooked potato on a long ride or in a race before? Me neither. Apparently, it’s all the rage because it’s a good source of potassium, sodium and carbohydrate while in motion. And, do you drink coffee? If not, you may want to think about adding caffeine to your morning routine because it can help make your fat stores more available to burn. I know, right? It was tidbits like these that made me glad that I went to Therese Metherall’s Nutrition 101 talk with a dozen folks at Fitzy’s University last Wednesday. (more…)

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