If you love something set it free.



Bike Shop for Sale.

Jannine and I have loved being bike shop owners.  Fitzgerald’s Bicycles has provided our family an incredibly fulfilling 13 years and we could not feel more fortunate to have developed such amazing relationships and positive community impact through the shop.   We also could not not be more happy about what Fitzgerald’s has become – more than just a bike shop, a piece of the community.  We are still committed to building the very best bike shop possible, but now that means finding the best new stewards of Fitzgerald’s as we look to start a new chapter in our lives.

How did we get here?

In 2002 I started Fitzgerald’s Bicycle Repair as a one man repair shop to get through a Summer or two while I figured out my next moves in life (funny, I now have a handful of bike shop owner friends around the country who have the same story and are now 10+ years into shop ownership).  Immediately, the shop was busy and I was loving the fast pace of a small business start-up.  The phone was ringing, customers were asking for new products to buy from me, and before long I had a few friends working along side me (including my future wife Jannine).  The experiment seemed to be working so we bit off a bigger space from Snake River Brewing in Jackson and started to carry inventory in all categories.   A few bike sales turned into many and before long the shop was full service, and year round.  Our business strategy? Respond to customer demand and try to keep up!

Passion for Cycling Advocacy

An interesting thing happened along the way.  Jannine and I discovered that the community bicycles help foster is just as important as the experience of riding them.  We were always passionate about riding bikes, but now we had become passionate about what bicycles created.  We grew from mountain bikers to cyclists, and then into bicycle advocates.  The shop became a hub of cycling advocacy in the Tetons, and our energy was directed to cycling infrastructure projects as much as it was toward product buying decisions.  Instead of the shop being simply a way to provide a financial outcome for our family, it became a way to foster community development and our personal passion for it.  A new Mission Statement was born: Fitzgerald’s Bicycles exists to grow Cycling, Community, and Respect for the Planet.

Over the years the shop grew, more employees were hired, more square footage was added, and a new home base was found in Victor, ID.

Our passion for Fitzgerald’s Bicycles didn’t fade, but our passion for bicycle advocacy and community development intensified.  With that came the realization that it is time to pass the torch of Fitzgerald’s Bicycles to someone new who can be the steward of the shop and see it grow to the next level it, and the community, deserves.

Passing the torch

Why did we move the shop to Victor?  Because we knew Fitzgerald’s could not survive past us, as the shop it had become, in Jackson.  We love the Jackson community, but the high price of doing business there would not allow for a long term, full service, community, “bikes only” shop.  We wanted to see the shop out live our time with it, and that meant finding it a more stable location.  Our move to Victor was the first step in a long term plan to pass the torch to new owners.

The shop is doing awesome in Victor!  Our move to Teton Valley has been very positive, Fitzgerald’s is back to “Jackson volume” of business, and it is well positioned for the next level of growth and success.  We are proud of the brand that Fitzgerald’s has become and the level of service our amazing staff provides.  We are not looking to sell at all costs and we are not moving personally from Teton Valley.  We are simply looking for someone new to be the steward of the shop so we can start a new chapter in our own lives.

Until the right buyer comes along, we’ll be right here taking care of business as always, and fired up to do so!  Preparing the shop for new ownership has only intensified our desire to create the very best bike shop possible for our customers and employees!  We love Fitzgerald’s so much that we want to set it up for long term success.

Next Steps

When the bike shop does sell, Jannine and I will still be right in the middle of community development through cycling in the Tetons.  But, we will also be diving into new opportunities to impact the whole country through cycling advocacy and business development.  As a preview, check out our new children’s book project, B is for Bicycles, that successfully funded on Kickstarter over the holidays.

Thank you!

Without the incredible support of our awesome customers and employees, we could not have built the shop that Fitzgerald’s has become.  There really are no words to express the depth of our gratitude.  You are what makes Fitzgerald’s what it is, not us.  Your role in the development of the shop, and the cycling community around the Tetons, has been critical.  Please keep supporting the shop through this transition.  Fitzgerald’s is for sale, but Jannine and I are here until we find the next owner who will take care of you even better than we have!  If that might be you, drop us a line and let’s talk!  scott@fitzgeraldsbicycles.com

We hope you appreciate our desire to take the next step in our lives and you continue to support Fitzgerald’s as always.

See you at the shop.