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Bar Side Chats

Brandon & Jay P filming a Bar Side Chat

Brandon & Jay P filming a Bar Side Chat

Bar Side Chat noun \’bär sīd chat\

1: an informal talk that takes place adjacent to a counter at which food or especially coffee or alcoholic beverages are served;

2.  a: a video created by Fitzgerald’s Bicycles and filmed and produced by Fisher Creative in which Fitzy’s staff discuss a topic related to cycling while drinking coffee from The Nine Bar;

b: a video released once per week by Fitzgerald’s Bicycles in which various members of the Fitzy crew informally discuss products, riding, upcoming events and other topics related to riding and enjoying bikes. (more…)

What’s Happening at the Nine Bar


The Nine Bar in Fitzgerald's Bicycles

The Nine Bar

“Big thanks to The Nine Bar and Fitzgerald’s Bicycles for letting me turn their cafe into my office today. Great coffee, breakfast burrito, kicking 80′s music, free wifi, and Suzanne and Jay keeping me company. Very productive day!” from Tim Adams

You can make The Nine Bar your hangout for the day too.   We’ve got the best coffee in Teton Valley, great company and yummy food.

Watch Jay P and Suzanne chat about coffee, DOMA and the Cortado:

What’s Up at The Nine Bar

Let’s talk about the coffee first: All our coffee is from DOMA Coffee Roasting Company, a Post Falls, Idaho company specializing in uniquely roasted coffees from around the world.    Our coffee isn’t fast – in fact, we pride ourselves on our hand crafted coffees that take time.     We offer drip coffee and espresso, all made exclusively for you.   You can watch us weigh and grind your beans and then pour your cup.   Check out our Drink Menu.


Breakfast Burritos

But Wait there is Food Too: In addition to our excellent coffee, we’ve partnered with Stacey from Thyme Out (that amazing cafe in MD Nursery) to expand our food menu to include warm soups, breakfast burritos and fresh sandwiches.  And we are still carrying those amazing pastries from the Sweet Bakerista.   Now come in on the way to work or a lap on the Pass and fuel up on coffee and food.    The Nine Bar is the perfect place to meet friends, have a meeting or do some work in our expanded our seating area with our free WiFi.

We are also selling DOMA Coffee by the bag so that you can make great coffee at home.   Stop by the shop to pick up a bag today:

12 oz bags of DOMA Kenya Thiriku AB ($12.99). This coffee has a citrus spice aroma with a layers of black tea, citrus and currant flavor.  The Kenya Thiriku has a creamy body with a maple sugar finish.

12 oz bags of DOMA Marcos Organic Blend Espresso ($11.99). This espresso is not a romance paperback. Big, rich aroma and a dark bold character. Turn the pages to discover creamy milk chocolate and warm nutty flavors. You won’t want to put it down. (We turned the temp down two degrees on our espresso machine and found dark chocolate with hints of cherry.)

16 oz bag of la Bicicletta  ($13.99). With DOMA proceeds going to support women’s cycling – this coffee is sure to be a favorite.  This coffee has aromas of dark chocolate, earth and spice and a wide body with flavors of chocolate, spice and toasted nuts.

16 oz bag of Santa’s Little Helper ($13.99). This limited time offer from DOMA, this coffee has a fresh cherry aroma and a roasted nut and cherry flavors.

The Nine Bar is open Tuesday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 3 pm.

Race Reports from Team Fitzy & The Idaho State Cyclocross Championships

Cyclocross season is wrapping up and our team has been busy racing .  Just last weekend, Fitzy team members David Conner, Gabe Klamer and Dave Byers raced at the Idaho State Cyclocross Championships at Sandy Point.  They shared their race reports with us. (more…)

Fatback Bikes: Welcome to the Fitzy Family

Fatbacks now at Fitzgerald's

Fatbacks now at Fitzgerald's

I have to admit the lack of snow on the valley floor in Teton Valley has got me a bit frustrated.   We’ve been talking about fat bikes for awhile now, and although I have gotten some nice rides in, I am itching for some consistent riding on snow right from my house.   Is it global warming or just a odd string of Pacific Storms without the normal blast of cold air from Canada that makes for the plentiful snow here in the Tetons?  Either way the rain is getting me down.  I can only hope these past several weeks don’t portend what the winter will eventually hold. (more…)

Movie Night: Wow!

So last week we had our first ever Movie Night at the shop.   And oh boy, did we have a great time.    Thanks to everyone who came, drank a few beers with us and watched the movies.

Fitzy Getting the Movies Cued Up

Fitzy Getting the Movies Cued Up


Indoor Cycling Center

While we strongly encourage you to get out and ride regardless of the weather (hey, did you know that we carry fat bikes?!?), we’ve got a solution for staying fit this winter:  our Indoor Cycling Classes on our CompuTrainers.

Indoor Cycling Classes

Indoor Cycling Classes

The low down:

  • 6 riders per class
  • Bring your own bike, towel and water bottle
  • $10 per class when you buy into a set class for at least 10 classes
  • Drop in classes are $15
  • Classes are about an hour
  • The group can pick the type, length and difficulty of the course

We already have some slots booked, but you can grab a group of 5 friends and sign up for a slot.    Currently confirmed slots:

  • Tuesday @ 5 pm
  • Wednesday @ 5:30 pm

Tentatively taken slots:

  • Thursdays @ 6 pm
  • Saturdays @ 9 am

To schedule a time, pick a time Tuesday through Friday starting no later than 6 pm or Saturday and Sundays starting no later than 3 pm.  If there is another class scheduled, you must choose a time at least 1.5 hours before another class.   There may also be opportunities to drop in on classes that are either not full or have an opening for the night.  Call Brandon at 208-787-2453 for more information and to schedule a class.

Fat Bike Tires

This year there seems to be a ton of new fat bike tires on the market.   Surly has come out with a whole line of wider more aggressively treaded fat bike tires.  45NRTH has introduced several new tires and tires with studded options.   To sort out the options,  I grabbed Brandon to get his take on what you should be running this winter. (more…)

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