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Why Should You Get A Bike Fit?

Jay P Bike Fitter

Riding your bike should be fun.  What is shouldn’t be is painful.  So if your hands or feet fall asleep on a ride, your saddle hurts or your knee aches when you ride you could benefit from a bike fit.  Whether you are a novice cyclist or a veteran racer, a professional bike fit can help you ride more efficiently, faster, and more comfortably.   And we have two expert bike fitters on staff – Jay P and Fitzy – both trained Serotta Certified Professional Fitters. (more…)

St. Patrick’s Day


Fitzgerald's St. Patrick's Day Party

Can you guess what our favorite holiday is?   That’s right – St. Patrick’s Day!   And we are continuing our tradition of celebrating in serious style.    This year we are partnering with Bill Boney and his team at The Wildwood Room.  So mark you calendars for March 17th at 4:30 pm.


The Buff: An Essential Piece of Clothing

The Buff

Jannine wanted to share her thoughts on that funny piece of clothing: The Buff. You’ll see that J9 loves her Buffs, and I have to admit, I am right on board with her. I use my several Buffs riding and skiing in the winter and bike packing, camping and backpacking in the summer. But let me get out of the way and let you hear J9′s thoughts: (more…)

Spring Cycling Clothing


Spring Riding in the Tetons

A Perfect Day for Spring Riding in the Tetons

Dry roads, sunny skies & warm days – just what you want to go spring riding!   But sometimes those perfect spring days never come.  So you need to commit to riding in variable weather to make it happen before June in Teton Valley.   And for that you need a just couple basics:  a great cycling jacket, arm and leg warmers and shoe covers. (more…)

Jay P and the Fat Bike Push

Jay P Iditarod Trail Invitation1

Today, Jay P started the 350 mile race from Knik to McGrath, Alaska.   We will be following and cheering on his progress over the next several days.    You can follow his progress by clicking here. Jay was pretty busy the past week getting ready, so he didn’t have time to write a blog this week.   So I thought we would share one of his blogs and his photos from last year.  And as the Togwotee Winter Classic is coming up in the next couple of weeks and that race is notorious for soft snow conditions, I picked this blog about pushing….. enjoy! (more…)

2013 Scott Genius 900 Review

Ok, if you haven’t figured it out by now, we are extremely excited about the 2013 Scott bikes.   Here’s just another review, this time of the Scott Genius 900 series from Bike Radar.  We are carrying the 2013 Scott Genius 920 and 940. You can see all our 2013 Scott’s here. (more…)

A Diary of a Custom Bike Build

Eric and his new Custom Fat Back Fat Bike

Eric and his new Custom Fat Back Fat Bike

We’ve hooked another cyclist into our world of Fat Bikes – this time it is Eric and we are building him a frame-up custom Fat Back.   Seeing that his bright orange Fat Back frame has been sitting on the back counter of the shop for a week while we wait for the parts to come in, I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about custom, frame-up builds.   Yup, we do that – in fact Brandon, our shop manager, has a process for helping customers build up a custom bike that takes all sorts of factors into consideration when determining what parts to use.   So let me take you through the process with Eric (happy new bike owner), Brandon (whiz at crafting the part selection for custom bikes) and Michael (ace mechanic who will complete the build). (more…)

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