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Fitzgerald’s Joins RRR Leaders Program

This winter the Reduce Reuse Recycle program in Jackson Hole distribuited surveys to help “recognize local businesses working towards a healthy, sustainable economic bottom line while contributing to the health of our community and environment”. We are proud to announce our acceptance into the RRR Leader Program! If you aren’t aware of our efforts in this area here’s an overview:
Fitzgerald’s Bicycles practices RRR by:

- Buying Green Power from LVE
- Using energy efficient florescent bulbs where possible
- Using cleaning agents from the Clean Environment Company
- Working towards a paperless bike shop
- Reusing paper, packing materials, and worn out bike parts whenever possible
- Using bikes for short around town trips
- Recycling paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal

No, we’re not doing anything that special. I think that’s the point of the RRR Business Leaders program. We’re here to show you how easy it is to make a difference. Sure, solar panels on the Brew Pub would be nice and if I can find a way to recycle bike tires I’ll let you know. But, in the mean time we do what we can, and so should you.

Find out more info at

Fitzgerald’s Joins the Elite

We always knew we were a pretty sweet bike shop, but our largest brand has recently agreed. Jamis announced that Fitzgerald’s Bicycles has joined the ranks of their Elite Dealers. What’s that mean? Basically, we have consistently backed our knowledge of their product with an inventory that represents their entire line while highlighting their high end models. There’s always a lot of hype in the bike industry, but when that fades away Jamis always remains. Come check out all the 2007 models that are in stock NOW! If you want the quick fix hit the link below.
2007 Jamis Bikes

4 Season Mountain Biking

I know most of you are still unconvinced of the greatness of snow biking on a Surly Pugsley, so I thought it was time for another update. I can’t say I’d be as excited about snow biking if the winter compared to last year, but, SNOW BIKING RULES! This past saturday Chris Ercikson, Dave Byers, and myself rode a 20 mile MOUNTAIN BIKE ride in the Big Holes. How? The regional snowmobile clubs all have hundreds of mile of GROOMED snow mobile trails throughout our various mountain ranges. I’m not talking trails that are packed by snow machines; I mean miles and miles of corduroy laid down by actual groomers. Last week team rider Jay Petervary rode from Togwotee pass to Jackson via the Gros Ventres / Slide lake. The possibilities are endless. How bout a weekend ride through the mountains to Lander? Or maybe just a commute to work on the bike path!

The 2007 Orbea Orca has landed!

Ok, I’m going to go easy on the hype here since there will be enough of it from the magazine editors. Besides, there’s no way to describe in words or photographs what amazing bikes the 2007 Orbea Orca and the 2007 Orbea Diva are. Come by and check them out if for no other reason than to see a bike that is truly different. Fitzgerald’s currently has in stock full Campagnolo Record Orcas (51 white, 54 bronze) and a Diva (53 Pink). Learn more about Size Specific Nerve and other advancements these bikes have here.

We’re here for YOU!

Stressed out?

Riding the White Dirt!

Sorry for the long delay in the Fitzgerald’s Blog cycle. After a sweet Hawaiin vacation Tim and I have been working hard to prep the shop for the holiday / winter season. We have ’07 Jamis and Orbea bikes in stock as well as the sweetest wool jerseys from Earth Wind and Rider. But… the coolest thing in the shop right now is my new Surly Pugsley snow bike. The Pugsley is a specially designed frame that can accomodate low pressure 4″ wide tires so a rider can float on top of the snow pack more and get tons of traction.

While the skiing has been marginal Chris Erickson (another proud Pugs owner) and I have been mountain biking all over the Cache drainage. Putt-Putt and Hagen (staircase and all) are in perfect shape and we’ve got our sights set on Ferrin’s next! I’m not talking so/so riding, but full on fast singletrack ripping. Then there’s the other possibilties which include hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails throughout the Gros Ventre, Snake and Big Hole mountains, and the perfect alternative transport for the long flat backcountry ski approaches. This is NO GIMICK! If you are a mountain biker and/or backcountry skier who lives in snow country this is mandatory equipment. Check out more info on the Surly webpage.

Organic Cotton Continues


Fitzgerald’s is very excited to announce the latest addition to our Organic Cotton line of logo merchandise. Just when you thought Organic Cotton was only available in t-shirts and hoody sweatshirts we are now offering Winter Beanies, Army Hats, and Visors! Come by and show support for your favorite local bike shop guilt free… almost… CIMAPRO15-F01-1-ENG

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