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Fat Bikes & Gear

What’s the deal with the gear?

Ahhh, there are many things to learn about this new sport.  Let’s begin with the bike…

Salsa Mukluk 3 Complete $1599 —— Rentals: $35/day $50/weekend


At Fitzgerald’s, we’re a all about the Salsa Mukluk.   The Mukluk offers you a light weight Aluminum frame and modern Fat Bike geometry at an amazing price!  Fat Biking is not the fastest form of cycling so you’ll appreciate the lighter frame and fatter rims when you’re cruising along at 5 miles an hour ;)

We often get questions about the Surly Pugsley and Moonlander.  So why do we not stock these bikes?  It comes down to 3 main issues: Weight, Rim Size, & Price.

Weight: Although Surly makes awesome bikes, they focus exclusively on steel for their frame material.  Of course Steel is Real, but over snow weight savings rules the day.  The Salsa Mukluk’s aluminum frame will save you pounds and make you faster.

Rim Size: You now have 3 choices in Rim Sizes for Fat Bikes: 65mm, 80mm, 100mm.  If you are riding dirt or really firm snow, the 65mm rim makes sense.  If you are riding SUPER muck and sand or ridiculously soft snow, the 100mm rims are the way to go.  If you are riding average groomed Snowmobile Trails, Nordic Trails, and snow packed roads, the 80mm rims offer the best of both worlds.  You could say the 65′s are too cold, the 100′s are too hot, and the 80′s are juuuuuust right… for our neck of the woods.

Price: The Salsa Mukluk has a lighter frame, the perfect rim size and the best pricing?  No way… really?  Yup.

There are many other options out there and here is a good article from 2010 that will give you some more ideas…

2010 Snowbike State of the Union Article

What really makes the Fat happen is the tires.  Click below for all the options.

Fat Tire Breakdown

When you go for a ride in the winter you really need to carry some stuff.  Check out our post on Framebags.

Bikes look so Boring without a Framebag

But really, before you do anything, get yourself a set of pogies for your hands!

Dogwood Designs Pogies


Dogwood is located in Fairbanks, Alaska so they know that cold hands are no fun. These pogies are insulated and the outer shell is water proof to provide your hands and forearms with protection from the elements. These also have ample room for snacks, gloves or other small items you want to keep warm. Pogies are a must have for every fat biker in the winter.  And yes, we do have all those colors in stock!

We have much more to discuss in the “gear” category… stay tuned.